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All the wonderful things we do would not be possible without the undergraduate team! The team is a mix of students and doctors who make everything we do a reality. Medisense was born around 3 years ago when a group of friends got together and realised learning from lectures and books was not for us. We found that though games and interaction we not only enjoyed learning but we retained information better. From this we decided to develop a whole variety of online resources that would be free for everyone to use.

The Cases. Each designed to give the most realistic patient interaction without actually having a patient in front of you. Each is split into parts; ‘the student,’ ‘the patient’ (their character, this is the heart and soul of the case) and ‘the examiner’ (including questions and discussion points)

Six Second Studying. As it says on the tin, Six second videos. Each looking at a single fact providing a nuggets of knowledge perfect for on the go or a short attention span!

MOSLER Casts. Podcasts to download and listen to anywhere. They talk though long cases, how to break down difficult histories and approach tricky discussions with both patients and examiners.

The Games. We have a whole variety of games on the site to make learning enjoyable and interactive too. The games encourage discussion and help consolidate learning. We have loads of games and we are always adding more! Including 3 clinical reasoning games which are designed to make you think like a doctor, taking you in on the twists and turns of the patients journey while you choose your investigations, form a differential diagnosis and manage the problem.

Question bank. We have a whole load of questions for multiple choice exam, written skills exams and prescribing questions. These are by no means perfects but they are pretty good way to test for the gaps in your knowledge!

The future of the Undergraduate Medisense is exciting the possibilities are endless! If you feel inspired by what we do or you just fancy a chat about education don’t be scared to get in touch, we would love to hear from you! We are always looking for new ideas and inspiration to help more medical students everywhere.

We are not just a medical education resource; we are a community of like-minded people with a passion to make a change to education for the better. We are always looking for new people to join us so please don’t be shy!