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Medisense Events is an exciting new branch of Medisense aiming to provide enjoyable, interactive and reliable medicine-related sessions and courses. We have had a successful first twelve months in running two flagship events and three mini-events in the North East of England.

Our first event in February was Medisense Does Medicine. This was a widening participation day aimed guiding budding doctors in their college years about how to apply to medicine. The day was successful in increasing student confidence to apply to medicine, and a second event is planned for the near future.

In addition to MDM, we organised a two-day finals revision event at Newcastle University. Medisense Does Finals was organised and taught by local junior doctors and attended by over 300 medical students, receiving excellent feedback and offering great teaching experience for doctors.

We have rounded our first year off with a series of small-scale events at Newcastle University, aimed at medical students applying for electives, SSCs and intercalated degrees.

Over the next year we hope to see our team and our breadth of events grow, and are looking forward to an eventful (literally) 12 months!