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The clinical practice team aims to ease the transition between medical student and junior doctor, and to improve patient safety.

We launched our flagship app ‘Tips for New Docs’ in 2016, which contains handy guides for common but challenging situations for junior doctors, normal values for blood tests, links to useful guidelines and explanations of what makes up the common blood panels or screens.

We have worked alongside Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals to produce a range of resources promoting the importance of prompt recognition and treatment of sepsis. The hospital audited how well the components of the sepsis 6 were delivered within one hour, and following the intervention of our resources there was a clear improvement across the board.

We have been commissioned by Health Education England North East (HEENE) to produce an animated video introducing people to the basics of the science of human factors. We are also working alongside HEENE to produce further patient safety resources including podcasts, videos and incident reporting apps.

This work has been presented at a regional, national and international level.

Are you an academic institution or hospital trust? Are you interested in improving patient safety communication, or providing higher quality e-learning? Medisense may be able to help.

Please get in touch and together we can help improve patient care.