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At Medisense, we believe that online resources are the future of medical student education. From online flashcards, to medical student wikis to OSCE checklists and videos, the internet boasts a huge variety of ways for us to learn. We’ve put together a handy list of nifty links to resources that our team have found useful in revising for medical school exams. Check them out!

Feathers Does Finals

Feathers Does Finals is a series of eight 3-hour lectures aimed at final year students revising for their exams. Covering many core medical themes, this revision course is a really useful tool for visual and auditory learners.

OSCE Skills

Looking for practice stations for your OSCE revision? OSCE Skills provides medical students with an abundance of OSCE e-resources, including detailed checklists on how to carry out all the key procedures and examinations you'll need to nail for your exams.

Almost A Doctor

This extensive medical resource features notes, blogs, mind maps, flashcards and articles on a vast range of medical, surgical and speciality conditions all in one place. Check them out for concise revision, written by students for students.


Aiming to make revision more effective and enjoyable, Podmedics delivers a library of beautifully designed videos to help you learn. Medicine, surgery, clinical specialities and practical skills are all featured, in addition to a very useful quiz app, with a huge bank of questions to test you on your knowledge.

Geeky Medics

Geeky Medics is a free medical student revision website. This vibrant resource features OSCE checklists, clinical skills videos, handy pages on common conditions and step-by-step guides through common procedures for you to learn from. There are also useful quizzes for you to test your knowledge.


Also originating from Newcastle, Mediwikis is a collaborative medical learning community, featuring information written by students for students from universities around the country. Information is tailored to individual university curriculums, allowing access to revision tips written by those who have already passed the course. Enhance your medical knowledge through the power of sharing, and check out Mediwikis today!

Newcastle University

All of our team studied and trained in and around Newcastle.