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Anti-vaxxers: Take two

Eliot takes another look at the controversial anti-vax movement!

Realistically, the threat from anti-vax mentality is two-fold. Firstly, the polarization of belief is leading to deeply entrenched viewpoints. While we can recognise the "grey" group in the middle, the fact of the matter is that the hard-line anti-vax standpoint is where both the money and the danger are to be found. There truly are plague peddlers making money from selling pseudoscience 'woo' that causes harm to patients, and without confronting them through targeted financial excision (e.g. Amazon de-listing anti-vax books) we will end up outgunned.


Secondly, while it is true on an individual level we should address each concern, ultimately I don't think this will stem the tide of vaccine hesitancy. We need a comprehensive educational system pushing for scientific literacy. To avoid Us vs Them arguments, we need to supply people with the tools and techniques to recognize what is nonsense and what is truth. Until the population is able to successfully screen this, the charlatans, frauds, and woo-peddlers will have a market.

Guest Blog: Eliot Hurn, 20.03.2019


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