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Medisense reads... Past Mortems

If you're looking for something to read while you lounge in the sun, check out our review of Carla Valentine's Past Mortems! Perhaps your next summer read?

Guest Blog: Jess Leighton, 12.07.2019

Medisense reads... Seven Signs of Life

Need a break from revision? Pick out some extra-curricular reading with Hannah's review of Seven Signs of Life by Aoife Abbey.

Guest Blog: Hannah Rowley, 22.05.2019

Medisense reads... Blueprint

We have more medical literature reviews for you, with Blueprint by Robert Plomin reviewed by Hannah!

Guest Blog: Hannah Rowley, 03.04.2019

Medisense reads... With the End in Mind

As medicine hovers the line between science and art, the 'art' side of CPD is often left unrecognised. Check out our new series on medical literature, starting with Kathryn Mannix's With the End in Mind!