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Exciting Etymology – Obdormition and Paraesthesia

They say a medical degree has more new words than a language degree. It's probably not true, but here's our medical dictionary corner resident Eliot with some medical words for you!

Guest Blog: Eliot Hurn, 03.10.2018

'What has reflection ever done for us?': a reflection on reflection

Hopefully you've read Dr Jason Walker's fantastic blog post on 'reflection made simple'. Our reflection generator aims to make this come alive, to hopefully raise more debate about reflection. Whilst this is a fun April Fool's joke (please do not use this for your ARCP), we really do need to talk about reflection...

Funny Bones: is humour a positive force in MedEd?

Doctor doctor... I feel like I'm a pair of curtains...

Medicine has always been the subject of humour, and jokes are rife within learning tools in Medical Education. But what place should humour have for students, and should we be cautious about its use?