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Make sure you listen to this track first! It will provide you with all you need to know about our exam-specific podcast series: MOSLERCast. These audio tracks delve into varied histories and long case discussions. They’re written by doctors with experiences of clinical finals, and are a relevant example of what to expect in an exam. Remember, you can check out these tunes here, or on the iTunes store.

season two

MoslerCast Season 2 Episode 1

Welcome to a brand new season of MoslerCast! Meet James, a 73 year old man who is recovering on the Orthopaedic ward. Put your surgical skills to the the test and see if you can decipher the cause of his symptoms...

MoslerCast Season 2 Episode 2

A&E can be a frantic environment for a junior. You have been asked to see Arthur, a 60 year old gentleman presenting with a painful knee. Put your communication skills to the test and think what you would ask this yapping yorkshireman...

MoslerCast Season 2 Episode 3

A 15 year old girl attends your GP surgery for a routine check up... Can you balance this paediatric problem by engaging with both patient and parent? Have you got the knowledge to tackle chronic conditions? Check out this MOSLERCast track to find out!

MoslerCast Season 2 Episode 4

Slice, suck and suture...there's more to surgery than that! Find out from Dom, a 26 year old who you've been asked to see on the surgical assessment unit. Delve into his presenting complaint and work on producing a succinct differential diagnosis, it's all here in Episode 4 of MOSLERCast season two!

MoslerCast Season 2 Episode 5

The gastro ward can be a grizzly place... You have been asked to see a Sally, a 51 year old lady who has been admitted with abdominal swelling. Can you assess the impact of her condition and work out what's going on? Give it a go!

MoslerCast Season 2 Episode 6

Why aye man? More like Why eye man! (That eye pun couldn't be cornea...) On a serious note, ophthalmology can be a complex topic and can really throw you off in the exam setting. Use this episode of MOSLERCast to practice your knowledge so you don't make a spectacle of yourself on the day!

season two learning points

MoslerCast Season 2 Learning Points 1

Had a listen to the cases tracks? Now have a listen to our MOSLERCast learning points! In this episode we discuss the intricacies of summarising, structure and saving time. Enjoy!

MoslerCast Season 2 Learning Points 2

In the second edition of our learning points, we look at acute medical scenarios. ABCDE assessment, communication and knowledge of acute management are some of the topics that we tackle here!

MoslerCast Season 2 Learning Points 3

The final episode of season 2 takes us through communication... No matter what scenario arises, sticking to a basic recipe can help simmer success. Have a listen and think about the key components of communication. Enjoy!