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Make sure you listen to this track first! It will provide you with all you need to know about our exam-specific podcast series: MOSLERCast. These audio tracks delve into varied histories and long case discussions. They’re written by doctors with experiences of clinical finals, and are a relevant example of what to expect in an exam. Remember, you can check out these tunes here, or on the iTunes store.

season three

MOSLERcast Season 3 Episode 1

MOSLERcast is back! As exam season approaches, get your teeth into this case of a seemingly quite healthy 59 year old man who has some worries at the GP. Use your deductive skills to figure out this mystery...

MOSLERcast Season 3 Episode 2

A 45 year old lady has presented to A&E with terrible tummy troubles. Can you fish through the symptoms to find the key points and diagnose the problem?

MOSLERcast Season 3 Episode 3

Alcohol isn't an easy subject to broach... put your skills to the test with a review of a lady admitted with intoxicated facial injuries. This MOSLERcast is a real challenge for communication skills and tackling difficult conversations!

MOSLERcast Season 3 Episode 4

Coughs are common, but can you suss out the cause for this 66 year old man? Make sure you cover all of the cardinal symptoms and don't miss any important clues to the diagnosis.

MOSLERcast Season 3 Episode 5

Abdominal pain is a minefield! This MOSLERcast is a typical young presentation of abdominal pain, following the important questions to ask and conditions to be aware of. Put your skills to the test!

MOSLERcast Season 3 Episode 6

This MOSLERcast is on the review of a 35 year old pregnant lady, covering the issues in a normal and complicated pregnancy. See if you can overcome the obstetric obstacles and overachieve in your finals!

season three learning points

A MoslerCast Special - Medisense Does Dermatology

In this special episode of MoslerCast, Dr Jonny Guckian interviews Dr Simon Meggitt (Dermatology Consultant & Newcastle University Dermatology Lead) and Amy Li, Newcastle University DermSoc President, about how to approach dermatology exam stations!

MOSLERcast Season 3 Learning Points 1

Listened to all of season 3 MOSLERcast episodes and still not satisfied? We'll cover that awkward questioning at the end of a MOSLER, specifically differential diagnoses and how to choose and structure them!

MOSLERcast Season 3 Learning Points 2

THOU SHALT NOT CRY IN THY LONG CASE EXAM! Tune in to this track for our 7 deadly sins of MOSLERS, and make sure you don't commit a major no-no in your exams.

MOSLERcast Season 3 Learning Points 3

We're at the end of season 3 already! Today we tackle The Fear- all the things which may- but almost certainly won't- go wrong. Listen in for some hints and tips on what to do if things go wrong.