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Make sure you listen to this track first! It will provide you with all you need to know about our exam-specific podcast series: MOSLERCast. These audio tracks delve into varied histories and long case discussions. They’re written by doctors with experiences of clinical finals, and are a relevant example of what to expect in an exam. Remember, you can check out these tunes here, or on the iTunes store.

season one

MOSLERCast Episode 1

Welcome to our MOSLERCast adventure, with our opening episode unearthing the story of Geoff, a 66 year old chap who is currently a resident on a busy surgical ward. Bert has been asked to assess for risk factors associated with Geoff's mystery condition. Will you think along the same lines as Bert and create a defined differential diagnosis? Find out and have a listen!

MOSLERCast Episode 2

Welcome to episode 2 of MOSLERCast! In this clinical encounter, Anne, a forty-five year old lady, presents having recently had surgery.

Dave is asked to find out more, including delving into her ideas and concerns regarding her management. Do you have what it takes to get to the bottom of it?

MOSLERCast Episode 3

This edition of MOSLERCast features Ellie, a nine year old girl who is brought to the GP by her mother. As it transpires, Ellie has developed a rash and her mother's remedies have been unsuccessful so far!

Monica is tasked with finding out more, and eliciting Ellie's mother's concerns. Taking a paediatric history can be a real you think you can handle it?

MOSLERCast Episode 4

A concise history is just what the doctor ordered in episode 4 of MOSLERCast. Mabel, a sixty-seven year old lady, presents with a fall and our final year medical student Laura is asked to find out more...

MOSLERCast Episode 5

The fifth instalment of our MOSLERCast series takes us to the antenatal clinic, where a 32-week pregnant lady named Rachel has been referred. We are told that her drug history includes Folic acid 400 micrograms once daily and labetalol once daily.

Listen to how Jacquie takes on an intricate obstetric history and see how you would go about it in her shoes...

MOSLERCast Episode 6

In our sixth episode of MOSLERCast we explore the impact of chronic illness, as a sixty-nine year old gentleman, Chris, attends for a routine clinic appointment.

Monica, our fifth year medical student, tackles this vague presentation and gets to grip with skills such as summarising and creating a succinct differential diagnosis....

season one learning points

MoslerCast Learning Points 1

Struggle with stock phrases? Suck at sign posting? MOSLERCast learning points puts it all together in one fantastic audio learning package. Get stuck in, using this track to compliment the rest of our MOSLERCast series.

MOSLERCast Learning Points 2

In this special edition of MOSLERCast, skills such as time management and professionalism are discussed in more detail. Negotiating the hectic MOSLER environment can be quite tricky, but with our help you can learn some top tips for the ultimate exam preparation. Enjoy!

MOSLERCast Learning Points 3

Our final MOSLERCast Learning Points takes us through vague and non-specific histories! Don't have your magic 8-ball to aid with deciding your next question? Don't know what to do next after a disastrous demonstration of your history skills? Well, ace these scary stations with our suggestions of improving your exam structure.