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Fantastic podcasts from our friends Humerus Hacks, a group of final year medical students attempt to liven up their studies with mnemonics and banter! Connect with them on Facebook or Twitter.


Neo Natal Juan Dice

This week on Humerus Hacks its Karen and Sarah AND Sarah! Dr Sarah Hosking that is! Teaching us everything you could possibly want to know about neonatal jaundice. Orange you glad you tuned it? I sure yam. Email us questions at


his week on Humerus Hacks we talk about the pancreas, getting smashed and the fabulous Tituss Burgess. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be confused and then you'll see the light! Email us questions at

Fresh Prince of Bowel-Air

As you can tell from the episode title, this week the Humerus Hacks gals talk about Bowel Obstruction! Sarah and Karen are back in the same city and making more sense than ever. Email us questions at

How To Intern ft. Dr Jimmy and Dr Bridget

This week on Humerus Hacks, Karen and Sarah have just graduated! Jimmy and Bridget are back on the show! Everything is very exciting! Now to get to the serious nitty gritty of just how to actually BE an intern, hmmm. Email us questions at

HACKLET - 4 H's and 4 T's Walk Into a Bar...

In our first ever HACKLET, this weeks Humerus Hacks is a whiz-bang episode through causes of cardiac arrest with Dr Marty the Magnificent!

Critical Scare ft. Dr Bridget

This week on Humerus Hack's we have the beautiful Dr Bridget back again to discuss interpreting blood gases, caring for the shocked patient and other terrifying topics! That's what happens when they let doctors work in a haunted house! Email us questions at


In this second ever Hacklet, Sarah and Karen learn how to assess shock super duper quickly with the help of their favourite practitioner, Dr Bridget!

How To Med School

This week Karen and Sarah share the secret tips and tricks they used to get through medical school, and are generally bemused at the fact that they got through it at all! Email us questions at

Anal Pathology Party with Friends!

This week Karen and Sarah are joined by a bunch of friends for a raucous ride through everyone's favourite part of the human anatomy, the anus! Come and join the party as we take informal education to the next level. Email us questions at

Baby, Wheeze Be Striding

This week on Humerus Hacks Sarah is joined by guess-expert Tava to talk about causes of acute shortness of breath in kids! A special paediatric episode, wheeze be striding through allllll them common conditions. Email us questions at