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Hundreds of videos and cases over 38 specialties, catering for all levels of medical student.

Video Of The Day

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Case Of The Day

Polly Cystic

You are the F2 on your GP placement. You have been asked to see Polly, a 67 year old lady who has started to feel like she is walking more slowly. Please take a focussed history of the patient’s presenting complaint and perform a relevant examination. ...

Creative Learning Resources

We were a bit fed-up with textbooks and classical e-learning, so set up Medisense to produce educational resources for 21st century learners.

We have hundreds of videos and cases, quizzes and podcasts targeted at medical students and doctors.

Innovation in Patient Safety

Good quality patient care can depend on delivering important information in the right way. Medisense specialises in creating innovative patient safety resources to help both staff and patients alike. 

From eye-catching memory aids to quality improvement apps, we help to provide key safety messages in the most relevant way: by staff on the front-line, for staff on the front-line.

The Future of Medical Education

Medisense is an innovative medical education organisation aiming to ease the transition between medical student and junior doctor by harnessing new interactive technologies. Our team of doctors and medical students have developed videos, podcasts, games and a huge role-play casebank to bring study to life!

Research shows that students do not learn in just one way: many prefer a variety of methods to facilitate learning. In this digital age, there are numerous ways to learn visually or through audio or games. Medisense provides all kinds of such opportunities!

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Our Friends

We're not alone in wanting to learn differently - we have lots of friends in the MedEd world who want to help! Take a look at some of the other groups or websites that we work closely with.

Our Partners

Health Education England North East
Health Education England North East

HEE NE aim to offer our medical and dental trainees the highest quality training, supervision and support. They believe excellence in education and training is at the heart of delivering excellent patient care. Northern trainees are a very valued part of the workforce in the north east and Cumbria.

NHS Find Your Place
NHS Find Your Place

Find your place in the North East and North Cumbria. NHS Find Your Place is a partnership between all NHS provider trusts in the North East and North Cumbria which supports and encourages medical trainees to stay and build their careers in this wonderful part of the world.

The Medisense Team

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