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Tips For New Docs App

Free guides, links and reference for ward doctors

Stressed about surgery? Panicking about paediatrics? Anxious about on-calls? Medisense have an app for you!

  • Guides on common junior doctor tasks
  • Quick links to online guidelines from professional bodies
  • Reference ranges for blood tests
  • Common blood panels you might be asked to perform

All offline and in your pocket. Available now for Android and iOS.

Junior Doctor Commandments

Tips Documents

Tips for New Docs - A safety perspective! (Written by Natalie Silvey for 'Sign up to Safety' )

Check out some tips and tricks on starting as a new doctor, or a new rotation, buy Natalie Silvey, Trainee Anaesthetist. This advice was written for the Sign Up to Safety campaign, which aims to harness the commitment of NHS staff to make care safer.


Mastering The E-Portfolio - A Foundation Doctor's Guide

Getting started with the E-Portfolio is sometimes like swimming through treacle. Thankfully we've already done it and put together a guide with some great tips on how to avoid "sticky" (yes we went there) situations!


The Ultimate Discharge Letter Checklist

Writing a discharge letter can be tough in a time-pressured situation. However, it's important that you get it right, so that patient has the follow-up they need. Every letter-writing system is different, so check out this universal guide to ensure that your discharge is safe and communicated well!


How To Be On-Call

New F1? Dreading that first on-call? We've pulled together some of our biggest tips for getting through! Most learned by not doing things right the first time around. Stay sane, stay safe, learn how to boss your on-call!